Indeni Knowledge Whitepaper

Indeni Knowledge White Paper

Indeni Knowledge is a collection of scripts, queries, health checks, and remediation steps that preemptively alert on lurking issues that legacy monitoring tools aren’t able to find.
Indeni Knowledge is crowdsourced from individuals around the world in the form of scripts and rules. Individuals may choose to add support for a product that is not yet supported or alerts for issues that have yet to been created. Here are a few of the ways Indeni Knowledge is created:

Fortune 1,000 Companies

  • Customer pain points are continuously shedding light on new opportunities to predict network failures  Our customers often surface issues in addition to solutions based on their own unique environments and we add this information into Indeni Knowledge for all of our customers to utilize 

Device Experts

  • Indeni employs IT experts that span all of our supported technologies  These individuals stay up-to-date with best practices and are regularly adding new scripts and queries to Indeni Knowledge 

Solution Providers

  • Indeni research teams monitor and identify best practices from user groups, forums, and communities (AskF5, Cisco, live PAN, etc ) and add them to Indeni Knowledge

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