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It's not about who you know, or what you know. It's all about who knows what skills you have.

To be a candidate for internal promotions, or to be recruited for a hot company, those hiring managers need to know your name. One of the easiest things you can do to advance your career is to become a published authorRegardless if you are a first time blogger, or seasoned technical or documentation writer, leverage the rewards program below to start building your brand.

Who can participate

  • Indeni Community members
  • Certification in one or more network and security devices
  • Preferably +10 years experience (not your first rodeo)

How it works

  • Comment on this Indeni Crowd post
  • Submit an outline in the form to the right. Reviewed and approved by Indeni
  • Submit final blog content in the form to the right. Reviewed and approved by Indeni
  • After your outline or final article is approved, you will receive a link to claim your gift card in the Indeni Learning Path!

Rewards for each:

  • Article outline: $25.00
  • Final content (+800 words): $75.00

Ready to share your expertise and earn rewards? Submit your content in the form to the right!