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Outsmarting network issues, together

Living script and remediation database - Living repository of pre-built scripts, queries, remediation steps collected from customers, engineers and manufacturers of devices such as firewalls, routers, web proxies and switches

Create your own alerts - Customize the thresholds that generates alerts or create new ones from scratch wih Indeni Knowledge Language (IKL)

The Knowledge Platform for IT


Avoid the same problem from reoccurring & leverage preemptive alerting to minimize issues.



Leverage advanced algorithm and the tribal knowledge of IT experts across the globe

What does it mean to engage in the community?

We value your expertise and want you to share it with our customers and extended community. In turn we’ll let you keep our product for free. Seriously. Here are the ways that we track engagement. 

  • Asking and answering questions in the discussion forums
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  • Providing feedback on Indeni scripts and remediation steps
  • Completing a challenge - a variety of actions from updating your profile to sharing content on social media
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