Blue Coat Solution Brief

There is an overwhelming amount of data for IT departments to sift through and not much to make sense of it all. IT departments have a plethora of tools that are great at collecting raw data (logs, configs, stats, etc.) but they are not very good at making any sense of it.

In almost any environment, Indeni can complement existing investments and platforms like Symantec’s Blue Coat ProxySG and the proxy’s supporting infrastructure. Specifically, Indeni can provide pinpoint insights and suggest remedial action to ensure problems are averted.

It takes careful planning and good engineering to implement mechanisms that are effective in troubleshooting and can remain resilient to the inevitable changes that occur in the real world. For most companies, the Blue Coat ProxySG is essential and integral to their security and networking environment. Timely responses to any outages and service degradations are imperative.

Key takeaways:

  • Proactively manage Symantec Blue Coat devices
  • Validate configurations against peer companies
  • Automatically perform root cause analysis
  • Leverage remediation best practies from BlueTouch Online and Blue Coat customers and partners