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If you’re really good with firewalls,  load balancers, routers, switches or severs, we’d like to work with you. 

Think of a IT operations topic that people will find interesting. It could be somewhat basic but common, or very advanced and mind boggling. It’s up to you. Submit the form below and we’ll review the content. If we decide to go forward with it, we’ll reach out and work together on the actual piece. Once it’s published, you’ll get up to $200 via a PayPal transfer. Please note we don’t include command samples and command outputs in the word count, of course.

We accept three types of content:

  • Simple how-to’s (upgrade, install, set something) – 100+ words- $50
  • In-depth tutorials – 800+ words – $100
  • Architecture advice (such as how to pick the right gear, pitfalls to be careful of, etc.) – 1,500+ words – $200

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