Runbook PAN Troubleshooting VPN Tunnel Connectivity.png

PAN VPN Connectivity Troubleshooting steps

Are you experiencing VPN tunnel connectivity issues? Use this runbook to investigate the cause for drops on VPN tunnel connectivity on a Palo Alto Networks Firewall. 

Business critical functions such as operations support and customer processes are mostly done on remote offices. VPN Connectivity lets these offices do critical transactions that goes directly to head offices and data centers. Unscheduled downtime means lost transactions that eventually translates to financial drawbacks. Ideally, every downtime should be scheduled and well communicated as a maintenance through the affected departments. Though unexpected issues may arise, a well-planned business continuity procedure coupled with a good incident response should minimize the losses to an acceptable level.

Inside the runbook you will find:

  • Five steps to complete to troubleshoot drops on vpn tunnel connectivity
  • The commands to run manually
  • The related Indeni automation scripts that can check for issue in the future.

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