Runbook PAN Troubleshootinh Panorama Disconnection to a managed firewall.png

Panorama Disconnection - PAN Troubleshooting steps

Are you experiencing Panorama disconnection to a managed firewall? Use this runbook to investigate service disconnection from a Palo Alto firewall to a Panorama Management System. 

Securing the network through firewall implementations across the company’s different locations brings a ton of technical personnel overhead. Firewall devices are not that easy to administer and needs a distinct set of expertise in order to run efficiently. This is what firewall management platforms such as Panorama bring into the table. Saving costs on administration overhead through centralized management is one of the major advantages that the business can leverage on this technology. However, if the implementation is not proper or if there will be frequent disruptions leading to unavailability of this service, the company risks having to maintain a huge infrastructure with an inadequate number of technical personnel.

Inside the runbook you will find:

  • Four steps to complete to troubleshoot service disconnection from a PAN firewall to Panorama
  • The commands to run manually
  • The related Indeni automation scripts that can check for the issue in the future

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