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Let’s outsmart network issues, together

Indeni collects data from devices and analyzes them according to known best practices, crowdsourced from our community.

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What's included:

  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • Free license forever*
  • Exclusive T-Shirt for GNS3 users upon install

* Requires monthly engagement in Indeni Crowd.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically monitor logs, configurations, and device metrics of network devices
  • Gain greater visibility with 10-100x more data collected than SNMP approaches
  • Reduce white noise by leveraging algorithms generated by humans and machines
  • Proactively monitor and manage network devices with alerts and remediation steps contributed by expert engineers in Indeni Crowd
  • Avoid issues before they occur with Indeni Insight real-time intelligence feed

Key Features

  • Continuous monitoring of firewall, load balancers, routers, and switches
  • Preemptive alerts and remediation steps for security, compliance, resource related items
  • Indeni Insight - Living database of analytics from network deployments around the globe
  • Indeni Crowd - Online community for collaborating on network scripts
  • Indeni Knowledge base - Real-time database monitoring and inspecting scripts for Check Point, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, F5 Networks, Symantec Blue Coat
  • Integration with existing systems for user authentication, ticketing, logs and SNMP traps

Data Collected And Analyzed

Qualitative metrics
  • SSL certificates about to expire 
  • Licenses about to expire
  • Pool member at low capacity
  • Cluster Configuration mismatch 
Complex metrics
  • System: CPU, memory, disk, critical processes, kernel tables, hardware components
  • Network interfaces: packet drops, errors, link utilization
  • Protocols: routing tables, layer 2 & layer 3 protocols (BGP)
  • Connections: VPN, connection to SDN controllers and management applications
  • Management resources: certificate authority, identity, syslog, and DNS servers

community-contribute.jpgSystem Requirements

The following server requirements rely on a parameter N, which represents the number of network devices you plan to analyze with Indeni.

  • CPU: 64-bit capable CPU (minimum of 2 cores, with additional one core per every 20 devices in N).
  • Hard Drive: 170GB + (2GB * N). For example, for 10 devices, a total of 190GB is required.
  • RAM: The formula is 50MB times N + 2GB, with the minimum being 4GB. For example, for 50 devices a total of 4.5GB is required. For a production setup, Indeni requires the use of at least 4GB.
  • Connectivity: The server should be able to access all of the required devices via TCP/IP. The server will also need Internet access to retrieve software updates. These can be done via an HTTPS proxy as well. While not recommend for Production Environments, you do have the option to use DHCP.
  • The installation file includes 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 with the required packages, so there is no need to pre-install anything on virtual server. The .OVA file comes pre-configured with 4GB RAM, 4 Cores and 146.5 GB Hard drive.

PLEASE NOTE: The server must be connected a local network during the installation process. If it’s not possible to connect to the network then please contact support@Indeni.com.


Please review the lab installation guide, GNS3 integration documentation, and the Platform User Guide.