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A modern approach to Network Monitoring & Management

Indeni streamlines IT operations for the evolving business. Whether you are moving to the cloud, switching firewall vendors or keeping up with day-to-day operations, Indeni ensures network and security devices meet performance and configuration best practices, maximizing team productivity and minimizing business disruption.

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Eliminate Errors

Create a gold-standard environment, and find issues before your boss.

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Automate Tasks

Concentrate on tasks that leverage your skill level and expertise.

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Work at 120%

Streamline complex projects and enable new technology.

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Automated Knowledge Platform

Indeni automates the steps of collecting performance and configuration data, and analyzing the results. Without Indeni, highly experienced administrators are manually entering commands into a CLI to diagnose an issue or verify a configuration setting. Spend less time managing your infrastructure and more time pushing your business forward.

Curated IT Knowledge

Thousands of lessons learned monitoring and managing networks converted into code.

Proactive Issue Identification

View performance and configuration issues identified by Indeni Knowledge.

Deep Inspection of Key Metrics

Analyze running device metrics accessible through SSH, API and Syslog.

Enterprise Plug and Play

Integrate with existing monitoring, management, ticketing and email systems.

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