Command Runner

Test the Indeni scripts you've prepared - whether they interrogate or monitor devices

What Is Command Runner?

Command Runner is a development testing tool for Network engineers that are developing knowledge scripts and code. If you would like to become an Indeni Knowledge Expert please take our free training course.  



System Requirements

You will need Java 8 installed on your workstation

Ideally, you should use Linux or MacOS and not Windows for this


Extract and then creating parsers folder under it, where you will include your scripts

The parsers folder should have the same struture as we have in the public indeni-knowledge repository

If you want, you can clone the indeni-knowledge repository under the command runner's folder
*Make sure NOT to include the command runner inside your copy of the indeni-knowledge, as it will try to commit it

Parse-Only vs. Full-Command

You may run the CommandRunner in two modes: parse-only and full-command

Parse-only allows you to test your script against a given input, without connecting to a live device (see *.input files in the indeni-knowledge repository for examples)

Full-command will test your script against a live device