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Don’t let network downtime keep you from the strategic initiatives that matter most. The all-too-common reactive approach to monitoring network devices is costly, inefficient, and time-consuming.

Plug into a wealth of knowledge and exponentially multiply what you have access to internally. Out-of-the-box Indeni provides enterprises in-depth knowledge to proactively manage network devices, freeing up your most valuable IT talent. Get time back in your life with fewer, more accurate alerts that contain remediation instructions on how to troubleshoot issues before they occur.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Hear first-hand from a Check Point expert how they write Knowledge for Indeni
  • Learn about how our proprietary algorithm and Indeni InsightTM uncover and resolve network misconfigurations before your customers feel them
  • Understand how Indeni KnowledgeTM provides accurate and actionable alerts
  • Gain insight into prebuilt queries and custom scripts from your peers