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Check Point Trends Report

The purpose of this report is for Check Point Users to find out where they stands against other Check Point users who are using Indeni Insight.

Download the report to learn:

  • Common issues across GAiA R80.10, R77.30, and more
  • Key trends across Check Point and Indeni customers
  • How to introduce network automation to your team
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Critical Insights From Top Industry Performers

Learn how the leaders in your industry who use Check Point are evolving their IT teams with automation, and how your team can implement similar automation into your strategy.


Operating System and Software Analysis

Discover what Operating System and software for Check Point devices perform above all others, and learn how to introduce your IT team to Automation.


Software and Hardware Adoption Trends

Find out if your team is on track with an in-depth look at what issues are most common across widely used Check Point OS and software versions.

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