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The increased use of technology and smart devices is adding pressure to network security operations teams. As new technology is introduced and more networking devices are deployed, the people to manage it all stay the same size. As a result, a knowledge gap is created between the people that have the information and the people that need the information to manage your network correctly.

Getting an organization's digital experience to perform at a high level is perhaps the single biggest differentiator in corporate results. It's the reason 75% of IT budgets are used to prevent network outages. We often forget that 80% of production outages are caused by manual intervention. 

To keep performance high, customers need a partner in knowledge to proactively identify lurking issue before they occur.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how our customers have been able to:  

  • Automate deep-level device inspection to enable proactivity among your team
  • Supplement IT operations teams with knowledge from industry experts and Fortune 500 peers
  • Reduce human error and escalations with automated troubleshooting